One Week Intensive
"Thank you again, Dom! I honestly did not think that I would learn to drive on a week intensive course. Yet on the first day I was tackling mini roundabouts and on the second day learning to bay park!! Your patience is astounding and your teaching technique is second to none. You helped me pick up a life skill and I’m very grateful!" -Ellie


An absolute pleasure to teach, Ellie was a dream pupil, great company, very amusing and incredibly committed to the task. She deserved her marvellous pass after a hard weeks work, I wish her all the very best for the future and safe driving.

Superstar of the Future
"Dom was a pleasure to learn with. Made everything clear as possible to help me learn to drive and to pass my test. Not only did he help me pass but helped me to be a good driver as a whole and not just for a test." -Alfie


Alfie is a great driver as he races already - go Karts- and is working his way up the Formulas - He just needed to learn to slow down and work within the rules of normal roads, not race tracks. He really took to the task, was attentive and committed and nailed his test. Well done Alfie...i'll be keeping an eye out for you getting into F1...Lewis H... look out!

Passed 1st time after only just over 20 Hours
"Dom is an excellent, trustworthy and patient instructor. My driving lessons were always a good laugh, full of great conversation and a positive learning environment. Really reasonably priced and I passed first time with just over 20 hours of lessons (with no practice outside of these!). Thanks Dom, You are the best!" -Lindsey

Initially, Lindz was unsure if driving was her thing. We worked hard together, had many, many laughs, and built her confidence and skills carefully. She listened well, and questioned me when unsure, and she excelled on her test in Enfield and deserved her success after only some 20 hours. Well done Lindz, safe driving!

Passed 1st time after only 20 Hours
"Dom is an excellent instructor, he's not afraid to have a laugh and can still balance it with teaching. I couldn't have passed first time without him. Cheers Dom!" -Nathan

Nathan took a 20 Hour Midway Pass course. He worked hard in our lessons, and his efforts paid dividends with a 1st-time pass in Enfield. Congrats!

Passed 1st Time
A huge Well Done to Lewis, 1st time Pass in Enfield on Thursday, brilliant drive. Lewis was a pleasure to teach. He did his studying with the LDC Workshop Book so our in-car time was time well spent, and this meant we could really crack-on and nail a 1st-time pass. Marvellous job!

Well Deserved Pass
Huge Congratulations to Karla who passed in Loughton on Wednesday. Karla came to me having failed a few tests and needed a bit of a confidence boost and some honing of her driving skills. Top pass...only 1 minor! Well done!

Borehamwood - Another Pass
Well done to Jimi, excellent Pass in Borehamwood. Happy motoring and take care, it's been a pleasure teaching you.

Pass in Enfield
Top Drive by Seb on a bright Winters day. Seb was a great student who worked hard, listened, and acted upon advice given by me. A well-deserved pass.

Pass in Enfield
Well done to Emi...Emi came to me after failing to pass a couple of times with a previous instructor and felt he wasn't getting anywhere. We worked well together so although it wasn't his first test, it was a first with me!

Borehamwood Pass
Well done to Will, excellent pass in Borehamwood.... (and how hard are Apex and Sterling Corners?)...handled brilliantly!

Pass in Pinner
Congratulations to Sudhir, a great Pass in Pinner, achieved during the afternoon school-run too!

Pass In Enfield
Well done to Sid, a splendid pass in Enfield, on a very busy, and frosty, January morning.

Passed 1st Time - No minors
Huge congrats to LuLu, Passed 1st Time in Enfield, North London, Zero Minors! It has been a great journey...given LuLu didn't want to turn the engine on during our first lesson...21.5 hours later...Super Pass!

Passed 1st Time
What can I say but huge congratulations to Lee for passing his Test in Enfield, North London...1st time...after just 6 hours training...Stunning performance and effort! Well done mate! You did me proud, and gave me my third 1st Time Pass this week.

First Time Pass
Congratulations to Natalia, just passed First Time this afternoon in Barnet, North London, Gret result! (Shame you wouldn't let me take a photo though).

Nikki Nikki
Passed 1st Time
Well done to Nikki, 1st Time Pass in Enfield, North London, yesterday, after just 10 hours instruction! Nikki overcame major nerves and absolutely nailed the test. The Examiner was impressed too!

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